Other Connections

There are a lot of great people working on winegrapes and climate change. Below is just a short list of some of those people, mainly those we have been lucky enough to collaborate with in the past, or hope to collaborate with in the future.

      • Simone Castellarin is an Associate Professor in Land and Food Systems at UBC who studies the physiology of grape development, especially ripening.
      •  José Úrbez-Torres is a Research Scientist from AgCanada who focuses on winegrape disease. Learn more about the research he does at the Summerland Research and Development Center in BC.

      • Jason Londo is a grape geneticist especially interested in hardiness. He is based in Geneva (NY) at the Agricultural Research Unit.

      • Kim Nicholas helped us begin our work in climate change and wine. She is also an expert at communicating climate change. Read more about her work on her website.
      • Dylan Burge is a botanist interested in quantitative floristics in western North America, who worked on winegrape genetics and Vitis diversity in 2014-2015 while at the California Academy of Sciences.