Our New Models

We’re currently working to develop new phenological models specifically targeting vineyards. Our goal is to improve precision and develop models that can be applied to finer spatial scales. 

As we begin this process, our goal is to gather as much phenological data as possible. The areas from which we are able to gather data will determine the success of our models and the areas to which they can best be applied. If your vineyard has phenological data (ideally 5+ years worth) that can be shared, please consider contributing. Details can be found below under “Share Your Data”.

Modelling BC Viticulture

Funding for the modeling development component of this project has been provided in part by the Canada Research Chair in Temporal Ecology and in part by the governments of Canada and British Columbia under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial
initiative. Funding is administered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation. This project is part of the Farm Adaptation Innovator Program delivered by the Climate & Agriculture Initiative BC.